John Burwell aka deet shared a month ago

Can I get a browser extension that detects and removes pictures of the former guy from everywhere I go on the internet?

There is no need whatsoever to show his face

best VR tax preparation software, AR XR tax app for Quest, Vision Pro【UPDATED 2024】

One good thing about the Internet is all the opinions, etc.

Two days at Magic Kingdom, and I expect every activity or setting to transition with music, fireworks, and a stop at the bathroom

When I was a kid, I thought adulthood would be much more about “wearing pants” than it has turned out to be

One latent perq of return-to-office is that, since I seem to be the only one doing it, I have the place here all to myself

John Burwell aka deet shared a month ago

I can’t believe Apple launched Vision Pro without a first party MCF viewer. It’s going to die in the market without HotSauce

what's the best vrml program for the Quest 3

can it run hotsauce

People say he’s lazy He just writes about people saying things

But those people always listen When he plays guitar and sings

About people saying things in his songs

She said, “boy sing me a story,” And she sank into his arms until the dawn came

He said, “we don’t have to play This talking song game”

She said, “let me be the girl who plays along ‘Cos I wanna live forever in a song”

And I said “Well now what do I know? I got no guitar for this show I’m here to hear a hero’s story Not to play a song for the radio

Let’s slip out of this movie about the coming of our age Down the alley past the junkies and the bankers with their business to arrange

She said “I know this street, it’ll never change”

He said “that’s the kind of thing people always say in songs”

My bathroom door squeaks slightly. When it opens, it sounds like a particular trilling riff from Herbie Hancock’s Watermelon Man. When it closes, it sounds like a cat I once had when she would say “Mr-r-r-ow?”

As a result, whenever I go to the bathroom, in my head an imaginary radio announcer promotes an imaginary concert like, “Herbie Hancock and the Ghost Cats, one night only, in your toilet!”

So that’s a little bit about me. As for what I hope to get out of this seminar, mainly I’m just here to learn and be challenged

Cookies are really just flavor pillows

It’s getting hard to find good old-fashioned brick-and-mortar brand portfolios

Remember, when something seems like such a big task it's impossible, it can be helpful to break it down into smaller pieces, such as "what is the next thing I have to click on." Once you've done that, give yourself a nice 30-minute break before moving on to the next thing to click

there has just been an avalanche of Mac Mini G4 parts

i'll deal with it in the morning!

All both of you Arsians on here, hersko is on HN:

CDC says it’s okay to use a weak password if it’s been more than 24 hours since your last breach

Cloud services people use and rely upon keep getting acquired and killed, with little or no recourse for users. It’s not just someone else’s computer, it’s someone else’s money, and when it goes away, so does your stuff. Bleh

Apple has TOTP support built in now. These instructions are kinda terrible, but it boils down to this: when you get a QR code to scan to enroll for MFA, control-click or long-press on it, and add it to keychain.

Once that’s done, keychain can auto-fill TOTP codes along with passwords.

So long, Google Authenticator