We have all these new video conferencing systems and not a single one that can finish a call and then put a big “END TRANSMISSION” on the screen with some kind of friendly but subtly ominous logo

Let's just stop for a moment.

Let's read this, and think about the real message contained in this statement.

Okay! Thank you.

The academic tendency to name things

can be identified according to a range of systems dependent on the discipline in which the observer is situated. Names for this tendency include taxonomy[1], itself a subset of classification [2,3]; characterization[4], typology[5], or categorization[6,7,8]. This paper presents findings that all of these types of this tendency have in common a process of what we will call "labeling," which may be familiar to the layperson as "naming things"

Activities a goat can do:

  • Wear a backpack
  • Take a day trip
  • Visit a hospital
  • Tricks or other tasks
  • Running/enjoying

The word “shower” traces back to an Ancient Greek word meaning roughly “chamber for standing and dreading”

Remember to avoid cliché. I’m looking at you, “I’m looking at you.”

Who are these people giving and receiving cars for Christmas? What is that kind of life like?

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait just a minute. I'm all the way to the gate, waiting for my flight, and now you tell me that all firearms are prohibited? Couldn't you have repeated this message incessantly at ear-splitting volume on the PA system before I got to the airport?

Bring back yellow triangles And pink spirals That wiggle on a purple background, You say?

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There are products you can use!

Using a product is recommended!

Am I imagining it, or is the iOS Remote app able to automatically switch to controlling the Apple TV device nearest me? Like through proximity detection

Goodnight, costs!

Wow, Plex cribbing 2008 Facebook with the privacy settings slamming

Can’t turn enough of it off hard enough

Turn to products

Latest annoying thing about AT&T’s residential IPv6 implementation: because you request multiple /64 prefix delegations, each with an SLA ID of 0 (instead of one /60 or /56 for example), there’s no way to ensure you can allocate the same delegation to the same interface. You don’t know which /64 you’ll get for each PD. Also, they will occasionally get all jumbled up, such that 0x0f and 0x0d get swip-swapped.

Comcast handles IPv6 much better, doing things much more by the book. Boo, AT&T. Boo!

Don’t you “Hey there! 👋” me! I will engage or not as I damn well please

drier = more dry

dryer = machine that dries

dryeur = french guy who wipes you down

Yeah well I just replaced the drain pump in my own washing machine, so I’m not sweating it, either