We have all these new video conferencing systems and not a single one that can finish a call and then put a big “END TRANSMISSION” on the screen with some kind of friendly but subtly ominous logo

I wanna be

Your normal hammer

When is someone at a dinner party finally going to “get me” about Cats (2019)?????

What would the Klingon Warbird IT guy do

All these in-app pop-ups about new features and whatever… can I just get them all at once in a daily digest instead of interminably throughout my day

A figure in the ANSI TIA 606-D document refers to “legacy thicknet” and now I’m all misty

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Oh here’s another one at this hour:

“You know, failure can be a valuable creative constraint and catalyst, and I like to think I can help provide that”

Ask not “why,” but — “this, and so what?”

Is this anything question mark toot toot

I’d like to know what happened last night, but I don’t want to feed the machine that turns government into ad revenue. And I also don’t want it clogging my social feed. And also I don’t actually care or even want to know

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The world’s most remote location with a device connected to the Internet is an island in the South Atlantic Ocean controlled by Norway. It is home to birds, seals, and penguins, and it has a weather station with a satellite uplink.


Today’s conditions: cold.


Bouvet Island - Wikipedia en.m.wikipedia.org

Reeling from the path of discovery I've just taken. It began with examining open-source code and ended with the realization that the people behind the project are a bunch of incel nazis.

I am not inclined to link it here, but if you care to examine the situation for yourself, the software is "technitium dns server" — check out the project's only sponsor and take a look at that company's owner's blog. Brace yourself.

Whatever it is christians need with the "censorship-resistant" services offered by the sponsor, I am absolutely certain I don't want anything to do with it.

But to top it off — I can hardly believe I didn't notice right away — the project's logo is a fucking swastika.

The sole developer does seem to be a real person in Mumbai, but on reddit he complains about the "main stream media" and "propaganda," which may offer clues where he's aligned. He apparently also doesn't believe in feeding stray animals, and has some problem with Gandhi. I don't get the feeling a conversation with him about the politics of his benefactors would be productive. I'm honestly debating asking him about it anyway, in the slim hopes that he's somehow unaware the meaning of the coded language they're using. I admit I despair at the likely outcome, however.

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If all points in time exist all at once, then we are all still having all the sex we’ve ever had

The Internet is getting useless for information on anything that isn’t for sale

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Why can’t flavor science give us Dr. Pepper flavored sparkling water

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