We have all these new video conferencing systems and not a single one that can finish a call and then put a big “END TRANSMISSION” on the screen with some kind of friendly but subtly ominous logo

The new standard etiquette among Houstonians is to begin a conversation with “first of all, are you and your family okay? Do you have power and water? Need anything?”

Looking forward to the next installment in the kids’ book series, “I Survived: A Random Thursday Night in Houston”

On behalf of all Ravenclaws, learn the damn wizarding art of kerning

I’m starting to roux the gravy thing

Too much has gotten buried under "Share" buttons, particularly with Microsoft apps but Apple is not innocent of it. Share, Share, Send a Copy, Share, Share, Share. FFS I just want to let someone view my gravy

For some, Mother’s Day is a time of celebration; for some, it is a time of remembrance. For some, changes in our lives have made it a time of both. As we make our observances today, it’s important to remember that the gravy we share was once shared with us. Spare a moment for the gravy today

These common items are not gravy:

  • Marinara
  • Battery juice
  • Soap (used)
  • Cheese gravy
  • Chuck Wagon brand dog food kibble for dogs*
  • Assorted slurry*
  • Some varieties are known to make their own qualifying gravy

I know this is controversial, and I'm all for protecting the environment, truly — but continuing to rely on trains is dangerous and polluting in its own way. It's time we change our attitude with respect to gravy trains and embrace safe, efficient gravy pipelines

I’m in my Gravy era

Making GravyTok happen

There are many gravies you can try

You can try any gravy!

Turns out Apple's "Project Titan" was secretly only ever a multi-billion-dollar effort to come up with icons

Where the fuck do I have a USB A to USB B cable

Who lives like this. Jesus

Almost finished scrolling the internet

I ran out of cheeseburger the way I fell in love… slowly at first, and then all at once and a little bit on my shirt

Houston has a food truck called "Crypto Burger." Its burgers are indeed cryptocurrency-themed; NFT burger, Satoshi burger, etc.

Apparently it takes forever get one, at enormous expense, and they have no genuine value, but you can re-sell them to the people behind you in line for a shitload of money

Loving this era of people looking at their phones long after the light turns green. Really gives me space to grow my skill set on the horn

Pill bottles be like “Here’s 1. More? Okay here’s 2. You need three? Well here’s ALL”

Everything that has needed its own dedicated button added to keyboards, mice, displays, etc. has always succeeded indefinitely